Webelos Pack #225 of Elkhorn, Scout leaders Tom Myrin (L) and Joel Baugrud (R),
along with Ma and Pa portrayed by Tom Kleist and Sandy Fisher

Isn’t it every child’s dream to sleep overnight at a museum? Dreams became reality on Friday, January 23 when the Walworth County Historical Society opened Heritage Hall for the Webelos Pack #225 of Elkhorn and their scout leaders, Joel Baugrud and Tom Myrin.

The scouts, sleeping bags, popcorn and pretzels in hand were greeted by museum staff and entertained by Tom Kleist and Sandy Fisher. “Ma and Pa”, as the duo has come to be known took the 4th grade boys on an adventure of a lifetime. The adventure included a hands-on construction of a 5’ by 6’ log cabin. The building of the cabin included a detailed explanation of why our Walworth County pioneer ancestors built the cabins the way they did and the materials they used. Not only were the scouts able to erect the cabin, they were also able to “wreck” it when they dismantled the structure and packed it away.

Ma and Pa continued to share historical details of Wisconsin history by introducing the group to the fur trade, trapping and hunting as well as a collection of Indian artifacts.

The energetic scouts settled down after their adventure to a video and snacks. Museum staff had carefully covered all the exhibits so the scouts could spend a restful evening camping out without the intrusion of a T-Rex, Roman soldiers or Teddy Roosevelt riding through the museum.

Interested youth groups who would like to spend a “Night at the Museum” should contact the Walworth County Historical Society at (262) 723-7848 or email us at walcohistory@tds.net

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