Walworth County Historical Society
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Does anybody live in this house?

A:    Neither the Doris Reinke Resource Center nor the Webster House have anyone living in them.

Q:    Does the Webster House have an underground passage for the escaped slaves?

A:    Not that we have ever found, although it was a safe house on the Underground Railroad.

Q:    Is the Webster House opened all year round?

A:    No, the Webster House is closed during the winter months.

Q:    Does the Society have any other buildings?

A:    Besides the three buildings shown on the home page, we have the 1889 Blooming Prairie Schoolhouse and the Sharon Town Hall, both located on the        Walworth County Fairgrounds.

Q:    Are any of the displayed items on loan or does the Society own all of them?

A:    We own all the items displayed. We used to accept items on loan but we no longer do that.

Q:    I have family items that I would like to donate. How do I go about it?

A:    Contact us by telephone or email. It's as simple as that.