Walworth County Historical Society

Genealogical Collections

Over the years, many patrons have donated their genealogical research to the Walworth County Historical Society. Below is a list of our collections.

Name Title Publisher Document Type Pages
Abbots and Sperrys ? McFarland Abbot Sarah Sperry Pamphlet 43
Allen and Granger Family Correspondence (1995) Allen Family 2 Folders  
Allen and Granger Family Salt Lake City, Mayflower, 1620      
Allen and Granger     Photo Album  
Allen Pedigree Charts Gile, Langdon, ?? Binder  
Allen Family Allen Family of Allen’s Grove   3 Folders. Pamphlet  
Clarence B. Anderson Take your ?? Ole Coppertoe Binder 44
Ramus B. Anderson An Autobiography Ramus B. Anderson Hardbound 677
Anderson Photos   Blue box  
Anderson Photos   Grey Box  
Babcock and Friends Troy Center   Pamphlet/binder 21
Bachhaber Genealogy-Charts   File Folder  
William and Ellen Baker Family History Beverlee Baker 2 books  
Eliza King Barnes The Diary of… (1861-1873) Eliza King Barnes/td> Pamphlet/binder 130
Samuel and Ann Bass Descendents of… Charissa Taylor Bass Hardbound 223
Jonn Eden Beamsley Family Tree Margaret Holt Black Binder  
Beaumont Beaumont Memorial Mackinac Island 1954 Pamphlet 12
Belcher Family Bible Family Records      
Nathaniel Bell Journal Ann Bell (daughter) White Binder 3
Bigelow Family Genealogy (1885)   Book 517
Bigelow - Weaver Photos   Album  
Matthew Patrick Bishop Ancestors of… (1822-1883) Wal. Co. Pioneer Pamphlet  
Blackman, Matie Hare Autograph Book   Box  
Bowers, (Delavan) Family Correspondence   5- File Folders  
Boyd, J.W. (1859) Manual of Assembly of WI   Blue Book 97
Bradley Journal (Elkhorn) 1852 Gold Rush to California Mr.& Mrs. Bradley Pamphlet  
Brown’s Grandmothers (1827-1927) Harriet Brown Book 369
Brigham, (Genealogy) Family and Related?? Edith Barnhart Miller Pamphlet/Binder 120
Brownlow, Walter P. Memorial Address (1911) Reps and Senators Book 67
Sir Francis Bryan (Ancestors) The Spear and the Spindle T.A. Fuller Booklet 134
Buckingham, William A. Memorial Address (1875) Senator Book 64
Clark, Ephrain Pedigree Charts      
Cook, Howard (See Millard Book)      
Cooke, Francis (4 Generations) … of the Mayflower Robert S. Wakefield Paperback 123
Cooper, Henry Allen Memorial Address WI Rep Book 89
Chamberlin & Salisbury Life Members in Science Work Collie & Densmore Book 129
Cusac, John Diary (1858-1926) Darien   Blue Binder 38
Cushinger?? Howard, Alonzo and William Theron Wilber Haight Book 109
Derthicks Related Derthicks Spencer and ?? Book 585
Doubleday … Family of America Curfinan & Rockstrohn Book 388
Dietrick Family A Genealogy of … Floyd L. Haight Folder 62
Duffin Papers   Binder  
Samuel and Elizabeth Dunbar Descendents Robert Dunbar (1985) Pamphlet 64
Dunbar Dunbar’s 100 Years William Dunbar ?? Paperback 105
Dunbar, Samuel & Elizabeth Descendents Robert Dunbar Pamphlet 66
  Gentle on My Mind Lowre Gates Eddy Paperback 267
Ellsworth …Homestead Past & Present DAR Book 109
Edison Inspiration to Youth Arthur Palmer Paperback 84
Philo Marshall Everett Fathers/?????? Frank Stone Book 164
Ewing, Floyd Life Writing Floyd Ewing Binder 103
Memories of the Eagle Years Sugartime (Pedigree Chart) Susannah Foltz Binder 136
Gilbert (Sealed Box of Stuff)      
Gillingham Family History R. C. Gillingham Jr. Binder 202
Gutzmer - Baker Scrapbook      
Hackett, Dency?? …Family Album Descendents George W. Hackett Paperback 84
Hackney, Sarah and John?? Ashley to America Susie Blackburn Book 438
Hare Family Hare, Furguson, ?, Beckette, Quentones   Photo Album  
Harrington Scrapbook   Green Folder  
Harris Family Winegars , Calkins Grace Blakeman Harris Photo Album  
Harris and Blakeman 1899-1949 Ralph, Gracie, Phillip, Donna   Photo Album  
Harris, Phillip and Donna Children of Grace Harris   Photo Album  
Hart, John/Eaton Elizabeth ?? Descendents (Hunting for Cousins) Twyla Hart Riefer Yellow Binder 262
Hatch Family (1600-1990)   Emily Robinson Brooks Blue Binder  
Hendersons Henderson Across America Mary Whitney Book  
Hinds Family History and Genealogy Albert Henry Hinds Book 383
Hockney, John Life and Descendents Susie Blackburn Boyce Book 103
Rev. Hooker Diary and Cash Account   Book  
Hubbard, G.H. (Honey Creek) Sermons, Pictures, Funerals, Baptisms (1860-1884)   Box  
Ingham Joseph Ingham and Descendents Arthur B. Ingham (1968) Paperback  
Johnson My Homes in Palmyra and West S.D. Mrs. Pearl Johnson File Folder  
Johns Family Conn., N.Y., Vermont, Wal. Co. Dorothy Mae Johns (1965) Booklet  
Jarvis, Addie Jane Duffin Vignettes of … Phyllis Jane C. Brinkley Folder  
Jones and Allied Families ?, Conley, Morgan, Fatee, Worrell Pat Petrie Jensen Pamphlet 26
Johns, Amos P. Songs, Hymns, Amos P. Johns, Methodist Minister Book 94
Ketchpaw, Henry/Harrington, Francis Photos   Photo Album  
Kull, Berlein Photos   Photo Album  
Kikkoman Chronicles A Global Company With Japanese Soul Ronald E. Yates Book 206
King, Thomas Descendents of … (1755 – 1999) Ruth King Freymann Pamphlet 45
King, Antoinette Porter Journals of … (1866-1894) Ruth King Freymann Pamphlet 230
King/Porter Family Letters (1824-1944) Ruth King Freymann Pamphlet  
King/Porter Family Revised Editions Ruth King Freymann Pamphlet  
Kirby (line) Excerpts from Pillsbury Ancestry Mary Lovering Holman Book 2
Labdel? Photos   2 Albums  
Lamonts America Pedigree Chart ? Lamont Book 255
Lee, Rev. Luther (D.D.) Autobiography Rev. Luther Lee Paperback  
Leland, Mrs. Frank Mrs. Frank Leland Thoughts of Life?? Frank Leland Book 316
Leland Families, Elder John and Samuel A Leland Journal Dale R. Congdon Book 256
Lemley, John Autobiography John Lemley Book 400
Los, Peter Abide With Me ( Story of…) Peter Los Pamphlet  
Lowell/Bradbury, Abram An American Story David T. Lowell Book 340
Luedtke, Louis Misc.   Accordian Folder  
Luedtke, Louis Art Work   Accordian Folder  
Lyon, 4 Brothers Bayard?, Will F., Charles E., George D. Jim Weygandt Folder 188
Lyon, 4 Brothers 2nd Printing (2004) Jim Weygant Envelope  
Lyons, Family Genealogy – Births, Deaths, Marriages, Photos   Photo Album  
Lyons Family Photos   Photo Album  
Lyons, Jesse …. Jones Scrapbook, Old Charts   Photo Album  
Lyons, William R. Biography by Daughter Clara Lyons Hayes Book 210
Magill (Our Family) Scotland, Finland, Canada, U.S.A. Judy Magill Booklet 180
Martin, William The Career of …. Mallie (sister) Soft Book  
McCormick, Cyrus Hall Seed Time William T. Hutchison Book 491
McClure Family Heritage Book John O. McClure Book  
Meiggs, Henry “Yankee Pizarro” Watt Stewart Book 370
Morrissey Descendents in Elkhorn From Ireland John H. Atwood Pamphlet 32
Mulenberg Mulenbergs of Pennsylvania Paul A. Wallace Book  
Oleson, Thurine Pedigree Chart, Wisconsin my Home Erna Celeron Xan Paperback 250
Olson … Double Drum Batch Mixer Alfred Olson Binder  
Olsen, Andy Misc.   Box  
? Olsen Oterholts 5th and Last Diary (1882- 1889)      
Peck Family Groups/vital records   Books  
Peck Smooth, ?, Randal, Peters, Eborhart, Ferry   Book  
Peters, Fred and Anna Descendents of … Roger Peters Binder  
Petrie/ Allied Family Members Arnold, Gott, Russell, Weeks Pat Petrie Jensen Pamphlet 44
Pett, Irma/Olson, Andy (1909) Bible (Marriage), children, parents, grandparents   Bible  
Phillips, Wally … People Wally Phillips Binder  
Raible Misc.   Box  
Robinson, Helen   Emily Robinson Brooks Binder 44
Robinson, Samuel Ancestry and Descendents of Lynn Township, WI Jean Robinson Binder 140
Rockwell, Benjamin Descendent of….   Leather Binder  
Rote Family Lettes   Box  
Sampson, Bob What if the Glass Breaks (Story) Patricia Sampson Harkness Paperback 165
Scheibe Photos   Envelope  
Schinke/Henderson Genealogy Dorothy Schinke Papenfus Pamphlet  
Schnur, Maria Unforgettable Years Maria Schnur Paperback  
Seward … and Related Families George C. Seward Paperback 316
Seitz, Beatriz West From Norway to U.S.A. (Andersons/Gislerud Descendents Beatriz West Seitz Paperback 158
Seitz (A Scotch-Irish Connector & German Stowaway) Alexander, Bradely,Brandess, Clark, King, Lacey, Barks, Scott Beatriz West Seitz Paperback 74
Sharp/Sturtevant Bible   Photo Album  
Smith, Francis M. … Bocax? Autobiography Francis M. Smith Bocax Pamphlet/Folder  
Stevens Genealogy Stevens Book 92
Strong World Book of Strongs   Paperback 600
Swaack/Heath/Jencks Charts   Binder  
Tudor, William (1895-1899) Dear Willie With Love, W.F. Mary Tudor Thompson Pamphlet  
Van de Bogert Children/Grandchildren of… Allan G. Jones Pamphlet 72
Van Scotter, Dr. D.E. Story of my Life   Book 180
Vorpagel The “Bulletin”   2 Pamphlets  
Waite, Floyd Story   Binder  
Waite, Veda Ewing Story   Binder  
West/Barker/Hodges N.Y.to WI (1836-1846) Beatriz West Seitz Book 206
Williams/Welche Families   Alton and Jackie Williams Binder  
Wilson, Henry (1876) Life of …. Memorial Address   Book 162
Wychwood History of an Idea Francis Kinsley Hutchinson Book 480