Walworth County Historical Society


Town 4 north of range 16 east was set off March 21, 1843, from the town of Elkhorn and named for an estate or country-seat of the hereof three revolutions, Marquis de Lafayette. It lies next southward from Palmyra, in Jefferson county; and the city of that name has trade relations and some personal interests with part of the town on this side of the line. Lagrange is generally about nine hundred fifty-five feet above sea-level. It is within the lower loop of the great Kettle moraine, and its numerous pot-like depressions are characteristic of that great glacial deposit. Some of these are (or have been) miniature lakes. The group of lakes named Lauderdale, from owners of adjacent land, is in the southeastern corner, section 36, and from it Honey creek takes its course across the Troy and Spring Prairie to Fox river. A branch of the Scuppernong flows northward, from section 18, and through sections 7 and 6.

Excerpt from History of Walworth County Wisconsin by Albert Clayton Beckwith

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