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Reeder's Grove

To John Reeder is due the credit of having been the first settler in this (Sharon) town. He located on Section 27, in what is now Reeder's Grove, as early certainly as in February, 1837. He remained here but a short time, and built a small log shanty. Mr. Reeder was an Englishman, and had his family with him. Good authority says "that, late one afternoon, Mr. Reeder noticed two horses following up the old army trail that led across the county from the head of Geneva Lake, and about a mile north from where he had located. In a few moments afterward, he saw two men following the same trail and in the same direction. This led him to think that he probably had some neighbors in that vicinity; so, early the next morning, he started out to see if he could find them. He soon reached the present village of Darien, where he found and made the acquaintance of John Bruce and a companion, who were then engaged in erecting a small cabin. On the preceding night, their horses had broken loose, and they followed and caught them, and were the men that Mr. Reeder had seen." The same authority says that at one time, soon after he located here, Mr. Reeder went to Chicago for provisions. He was delayed longer than he expected on account of bad roads, etc., and when he returned his family had been for four days with nothing to eat but a few dry crusts of bread. Mr. Reeder did the first breaking in the town of Sharon. He afterward removed into the town of Walworth, where he resided until a few years ago, when he removed to the village of Delavan, where he died.

Excerpt from History of Walworth County Wisconsin 1882

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