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Sugar Creek

Township 3 north of range 16 east retained the name of Elkhorn after Lagrange, Richmond, and Whitewater were set off and new-named, and until a new town of Elkhorn was created February 2, 1846. The larger town, after thus losing section 36, was so called from its principal water course, the name of which translates the Pottawattomie compound, Sis-poquet-sepee. From some immemorial time the numerous sugar-maple trees along the valley of the creek had been tapped and the Indians had practiced at least one art of white men's civilization—that of sap-boiling. The creek rises near the west line of the town, in section 19, crosses eastwardly to the southeast corner of section 13, turns nearly northward, and leaves the town by section 12. Holden's lake, Otter lake, Silver, and a few pot-holes make up nearly the rest of the drainage and reservoir system of the town. The ancient valley of the creek is wide, and for many years more or less marshy; but most of it is now usefully occupied. As a whole, the town is well drained and contains several of the finest farms of the county. Among the higher points above sea-level, as officially shown, are those in sections 4. 5, 9, 23, respectively 931, 945, 918 and 890 feet.

The only actual settler in 1836 was John Davis, who built a cabin near Silver lake in sections 13, 14, passed the cold winter there, and a year later sold his claim to Asa Blood and went away.

Excerpt from History of Walworth County Wisconsin by Albert Clayton Beckwith

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