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Vienna, on Sugar creek, was at first called Martinsburg, from the related Martin families who settled near that point. Judge Martin's saw mill gave place to a good grist mill, which in 1853 became the property of Edward Zahn, who improved it greatly and for several years made his flour locally famous. His sons, Cornelius and Victor, continued the business for a few years. The mill was disused and then burned. Winslow Page Storms built the Vienna House in 1848 and used it for many years as a tavern and a store, and as a postoffice. It long ago became a private dwelling; for men go to Spring Prairie to buy, to Burlington for prescriptions, and each to his own door or gate for mail. A little burial ground lies a bit more than a half mile southwest of the village, on the way to Spring Prairie and to Burlington. Little more than tradition now remains of Vienna and its past and prospective greatness.

Excerpt from History of Walworth County Wisconsin by Albert Clayton Beckwith

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